Global Crises

   Today our world is facing many global crises. Countries such as Yemen and Syria are facing a crisis. Since 2015 Yemen has been in the middle of a Civil War, since displacing 3.65 million people. About 80% of Yemen’s population are in need of some form of humanitarian assistance. This has become the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. 

  In Syria half of the population has been displaced by conflict including attack on civilians and civilian infrastructure since 2011. This has created 5.7 million refugees and eleven million Syrians who are in need of humanitarian assistance. It is very likely that there will be major escalation in displacement. Even if the conflict deescalates, Syria will be faced with long-term effects from the conflict. 

Yemen and Syria aren’t the only countries facing crises.

   Countries such as Nigeria, Venezuela, Afghanistan and many more countries are facing crises and are in need of humanitarian assistance. 


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By Dora Hauache Greater Washington D.C. Area In my sustained investigation, I explore the Brazilian favelas- the, crowded, and marginalized slums built over mountains. I wanted to show two sides of these communities: although the favelas suffer through extreme financial poverty, lack of basic sanitation, and social instability, there is still bright life that thrives inside them. I was guided by the questions of social disparity and communal generalizations to guide my investigation.

We Don't Have Much Time

We Don't Have Much Time

By Neha Ramana I believe that if we keep doing the things we are doing right now, lives will become endangered, both animals and humans. With the temperatures rising, ice caps are melting faster than ever before and innocent animals die because of us. We must stop that and take action.