Gender Inequality 

            Throughout history men and women have never been equal. Women are seen as lesser, weaker, and incapable compared to men. These beliefs are empirical and based on social construct. 

            Several issues such as the gender wage gap, abortion rights and the Pink Tax are some of the many acts of discrimination against women. The gender wage gap is present in many industrialized countries, reflecting the differences in the wages or salaries between men and women. Women are shown to be paid less for the same job as their male counterparts. 

            There are countries that have made Abortion legal such as The UK. Although Abortion is legal in The United States, there are restrictions. Restrictions can range from required waiting periods to required ultrasounds and scripted counseling. Although abortion is still legal, many U.S citizens and the current U.S. administration are trying to ban abortion completely. These current restrictions and the possible ban prevent women from choosing what they want to do with their own bodies. 


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By Abby Murphy This piece is about how catcalling demeans women's bodies.

Badi Mushkil

Badi Mushkil

Riproduci Video
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